Sunday, February 16, 2014


I remember distinctly the first time I came across the work of Philadelphia-based artist Kay Healy.  I was rushing to a Delta gate last year when her 350 ft installation in Philadelphia Airport's Terminal E stopped me immediately.  The installation of a house interior captures the memories of home of four Philadelphians through objects, furniture, and rooms made out of hand drawn, screenprinted fabric.  The entire installation hangs in low relief, with pieces just barely stuffed with filling, like a massive quilt.  The craftsmanship and attention to detail is simply stunning.

It is always a delight to stumble upon someone's work that not only inspires me in the studio but also opens my mind to ponder issues close to my heart.  When my parents sold and moved from my childhood home in Atlanta last year, I lost the place that I had called home for over 20 years.  The rooms and objects in that place are etched deep in my mind.  While my husband and I work hard to design our home together, I am thankful for work that recreates the comfort of home from days gone by.

Images via Kay Healy's website

~ Bonnie

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